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The Amankora The Lodges & Valleys
Paro, Thimphu, Punakha & Gangtey
Kingdom of Bhutan.

Location of The Lodges & Valleys
Spa at The Lodges & Valleys
Accomodation at The Lodges & Valleys

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Amankora is a combination of two words 'Aman' and 'kora'. 'Aman', a Sankskrit word, means 'peace' and 'Kora', a Dzongkha word (the Bhutanese language), means 'circular pilgrimage'. Amankora is a series of lodges in Bhutan's central and western valleys, and each valley and each lodge has its own character, setting and experience.

  • Amankora Paro
  • Amankora Thimphu
  • Amankora Punakha
  • Amankora Gangtey

The Amankora Journey
Guests may either visit one of the lodges or, to best experience all that Bhutan has to offer, Amanresorts can plan a tailor-made journey, including one or more of the Amankora lodges located in Paro, Punakha, Gangtey or Thimphu.

For guests staying seven nights or more, a tailor-made itinerary based on preferred length of stay will include the following complimentary: long road permits, private transport with driver and guide, plus one Spa treatment per guest per Amankora Journey.

Estimated Travelling Time (including short stops)

Paro --         2 hrs 4.5 hrs 6 hrs
Thimphu       2 hrs -- 2.5 hrs 4 hrs
Punakha      4.5 hrs 2.5 hrs -- 2.5 hrs
Gangtey       6 hrs 4 hrs 2.5 hrs --

Amankora, Paro

Amankora Paro, the first luxury hotel of the Kingdom of Bhutan, is sited in Balakha Village, 30-minute drive from Paro airport through pristine landscapes, ancient dzongs and secluded villages. The setting of Amankora Paro Lodge is spectacular, in the shadow of snow-capped Jhomolhari/Jamalhari Himalayan Peaks, Bhutan's highest mountain, overlooking a picturesque village surrounded by pine forests. Amankora Paro is located approximately 2,250m above sea level. The hotel offers complimentary arrival and departure transfers, included in the guest programme.

The Spa
A glass walled sauna, treatment rooms with hot stone baths, yoga and meditation room are among the spa's facilities.

On two levels, the Spa contains an arrival area, changing rooms, sauna and steam rooms and a glass-walled yoga suite. Steps lead to the lower level, which includes one double treatment room and four single rooms, each fitted with a shower and unique outdoor stone bath.

The Spa offers a series of treatments to allow guests to unwind and harmonize with the serene Himalayan surroundings. Treatments typically commence with a hot stone bath filled with local herbs followed by traditional treatments and remedies.




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