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Belle Mare Plage - The Resort, situated along one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast of the island, offer an extensive range of amenities. It is an ideal location for novice or professional golfers with its two 18-hole Championship Golf Courses, set in a 150-hectares private natural park.

The resort is situated directly on a 2 km long white sandy beach. Set in tropical gardens of almost 15 hectares. Two 18 holes Championship golf courses stretch for another 140 hectares. The beach is protected by an offshore coral reef making it ideal for swimming, watersports and snorkeling.

The Concept
A Unique Concept In Mauritius - Innovating, immortalising aesthetic values, comfort and creativity that are all the very quintessence of the group in its quest for total client well-being. Wherever you are: in your room, on the beach or in a restaurant or bar, this resort has been designed to offer the feeling of spaciousness and permanent contact with nature, the main contributing factors to total relaxation and fulfillment.

The SPA Constance Belle Mare Plage
Discover the serenity and calmness of the treatments and massages, inspired from natural elements.

Energise body and mind with Shiseido’s Qi method in a place of exceptional beauty and comfort at the Shiseido Pavilion of the Belle Mare Plage. True beauty comes from a harmony between body and mind meaning that cosmetic care should not only be concerned with optimal skin condition, but also total well-being.

Shiseido Qi Treatments
The body's energy plays an important role in our well-being and in the art of relaxation. This energy is called Qi. Shiseido's Qi Method and products help you control and rebalance the energy that circulates throughout your body to achieve total relaxation and enhance your skin's radiance.

The original concept of harmony and well-being focuses on the energy circulating in the body. This energy is called "Qi".

Taking inspiration from its cultural heritage, Shiseido has created the Qi Method, which combines Shiatsu pressure points with Oshibori (warm, moist Japanese towels) and Western-style massage techniques.

Qi treatments, combined with the use of the brand's products, help regulate the body's energy flow, inducing the absolute pleasure of profound relaxation.

The architectural details of the Shiseido Qi Pavilion incorporate symbols from Zen philosophy: the five elements (stone, water, wood, earth, and metal). They contribute to a feeling of gentle serenity in which all the senses are stimulated.

For your comfort, the Pavilion has five massage cubicles (one double-sized), each with its own private garden, as well as a relaxation space and fresh water baths.

In an environment entirely devoted to well-being and relaxation, you will gradually regain your store of energy thanks to the Qi Method:

  • your mind will be soothed
  • your body will be freed of tension
  • your skin will be totally revitalized

Chronology - The Legendary Golf Course - For a Legend to triumph it surely has to present constant evidence of its renowned reputation. The Legend Golf Course at Belle Mare Plage has fulfilled all expectations, making all that has been said and written about it since 1994, truly legendary. Stay at Belle Mare Plage - The Resort and play golf for FREE on The Legend and The Links Courses!

Health and Fitness
The "Body Harmony" is a perfect place for total relaxation. Body Harmony offers its hotel guests the opportunity to unwind, firm up and tone in its complementary classes. Please consult the weekly programme in your room for when these classes take place. In addition, we offer personal training sessions.

A complete aerobics class including functional exercises to improve suppleness, musculation, equilibrium and coordination. This is an endurance training method to increase cardio-vascular and pulmonary function and is an excellent workout for beginners as well as trained individuals wishing to maintain their general state of well being.

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Belle Mare Plage
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A form of exercise to increase joint and tissue mobility in the whole body whilst inducing relaxation. Stretching is indispensable before and after all intense physical activity.

Hip and Thigh Training: A series of exercises targeted at firming and toning the lower part of the body.

Aqua Gym
Conducted in the swimming pool, this training session is carried out with a series of rapid exercises to improve respiratory and cardio vascular functions.

A physical and mental discipline to bring out complete relaxation through a series of postures known as "asanas". Join us in the yoga class and feel steady, calm, quiet and comfortable in your body. Experience a state of being at one with your inner being.

A mental discipline to reduce stress and tension by increasing body awareness and improving breathing techniques.

Individual Classes
Personal Training (45 mins), Yoga / Meditation (45 mins), Squash (45 mins).


# 356, Vardhman Plus Citi Mall, Sector 23, Dwarka sector 23, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075 E-mail:


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